About Us



I’m Alex. I am the Author of ThumbWrite.com .

ThumbWrite.com is a blog that shares ideas and evidence about education, teaching, Writing and learning.

Having spent more than fifteen years in the classroom, I’ve transitioned to a role outside the school environment, where I advocate for education. During the majority of the week, I’m employed by an educational charity, where my role involves assisting teachers and school leaders in accessing research findings.

In addition to my charity work, I write educational books and provide consulting services. Furthermore, I am fortunate to contribute columns to both TES and Teach Secondary magazines.


ThumbWrite.com plays a pivotal role in Closing the Vocabulary Gap, Reading Gap, and Writing Gap in students’ education.

By instilling confidence in both educators and learners, the teacher can effectively address these gaps. They empower students with the vocabulary needed for effective communication, close the reading gap by nurturing strong reading habits and comprehension skills, and foster proficient writing abilities.

Through innovative teaching methods, personalized guidance, and a supportive learning environment, the Confident Teacher equips students with the tools to overcome language and literacy challenges. This holistic approach ensures that students not only acquire knowledge but also develop the confidence to apply it effectively in their academic journey and beyond.

In summary, ThumbWrite.com is instrumental in not only identifying but also actively bridging the Vocabulary Gap, Reading Gap, and Writing Gap, ultimately nurturing well-rounded, empowered learners.