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7 Useful Vocabulary Web sites

The Web is a minefield of ineffective web sites, however generally you possibly can unearth some gems. New AI functions, like ChatGPT, are making the information, with potential for helpful vocabulary studying, functions for writing, the classroom, and extra. For these in search of helpful vocabulary web sites, these 7 could do the trick:


This web site can take extracts and translate them actually helpfully, from figuring out advanced (Tier 2 vocabulary), to creating glossaries, simplifying tough vocabulary, and extra…SEE HERE.

2. ChatGPT

Newly famed, and for some infamous, this AI app is making a number of noise. It could possibly assist with vocabulary studying in an entire host of the way. It could possibly clarify educational vocabulary, generate vocabulary quizzes, translate refined language into easy options, produce prolonged writing, generate examination questions, and extra… SEE HERE.


This intelligent US web site takes well-known books (significantly literary classics) and it generates some key vocabulary from these books, with associated quizzes. You’ll be able to discover particular vocabulary objects from the books too….SEE HERE.


One of many unique and greatest vocabulary web sites. can perform as a fundamental dictionary or thesaurus, however it actually turns into fascinating on the subject of its phrase root and morphology lists. It affords apply questions, quizzing, and spelling checks too…SEE HERE.


Do you ever have a phrase on the tip of your tongue? The ReverseDictionary affords a easy however highly effective answer. Pop in your description of the phrase and it’ll give you a wealth of potential phrases (with helpful synonyms in addition)…SEE HERE.

6. On-line Etymology Dictionary

The educational language of faculty can usually be helpfully illuminated by exploring the etymology (the historical past) of the phrase. This on-line etymology dictionary is the unique and dependable greatest…SEE HERE.

7. Describing Phrases

This easy web site affords a variety of descriptive phrases whenever you insert a noun into the search engine. This hunt for ‘collocations’ (phrases which are generally used collectively) can provide a wealthy seam of vocabulary hyperlinks for homework, story writing or descriptive writing…SEE HERE.

Helpful vocabulary studying:
  • ‘5 vocabulary Instructing Myths’. Too many phrases to show? Too busy educating science to deal with vocabulary instruction? This weblog takes on essentially the most prevalent vocabulary educating myths.
  • Instructing Vocabulary and Mighty Morphemes‘. Questioning about how you can train phrase components successfully? Wish to maximise studying 20 phrases as a substitute of 1 phrase at a time? This weblog explores approaches to morphology and etymology studying.

I’m operating a Teachology ‘Closing the Vocabulary Hole Masterclass’ on the twentieth January in Manchester, in addition to beaming it on-line utilizing Glisser recording know-how. Discover out extra HERE.

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